The service includes the creation of a 30-60 minute audio CD, cover artwork, slimline cases and printing. Shipping cost varies.

  • 100 CDs $500

  • 200 CDs $700

  • 300 CDs $900

  • 400 CDs $1100

  • 500 CDs $1300

  • 1000 CDs $2000

Where To Use "Best Of" CDs

  • Pass them out to prospects at seminars.

  • Give them to clients after first appointments.

  • Include them in “shock and awe” mailings and as a supplement to white papers and brochures you distribute.

  • Use the audio to play over speakers in appropriate locations around the office.

  • Frame one of the CDs and the cover for a nice piece of artwork to display in the office. (tip: sign the cover of it for an added touch of celebrity)

  • Give some to your business partners (CPAs, attorneys, restaurants, etc…), and ask them to display some of your CDs inside their businesses.

What You Get When You Order

  • A fully produced 30-60 minute “best of” audio piece. A professional host will narrate in and out of some of your best segments from your radio show or podcast. It all gets mixed together using our custom music beds and cut into tracks on the CD. The audio will capture some of your philosophies as an adviser, provide the listener with a basic financial planning education and extend your credibility from the radio show as trusted coach and expert in the field.

  • We’ll use your logo, color scheme and input to create custom cover artwork to appear on the CD itself and the case.

  • We’ll “burn” the CDs, print all the labels, assemble each unit and ship it all to you