Each day, clients and prospects consume more content digitally.

Benefits Of A Podcast

How it can help

  • Client retention

  • Convert prospects

  • Enhance your periodic email campaigns

  • Unique content for website & social media

  • Showcase your expertise

  • Build your credibility

Third Wheel's Full Service Package

Everything you need to easily deliver weekly content to your followers

  • We provide weekly show note to reduce prep time

  • A co-host to navigate your interviews

  • Record from your home or office

  • We take care the rest of the process by editing, mixing and posting your shows online weekly.

Time Commitment

  • Only about an hour per month

  • Most clients record four, 10-15 minutes podcasts in one recording session.

Pricing and Enrollment

  • Full service package is $500 per month.

  • One time enrollment fee of $500 which includes

  • Equipment for a one-person set-up

  • Custom podcast logo

  • Custom music for your show, created in house

  • Podcast online hosting fees covered

  • Construction of podcast website (Podbean, Libsyn, etc ...)

  • Integration of podcast with iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play

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