• Ben George

3 Podcasting Microphones to Avoid

Your search for a new microphone has started but you quickly find that hundreds of microphones are available to you.

Where do you even begin? How much do you have to spend to sound like a professional?

The good news is we've already done the research for you. Here are six great microphones you should consider. And your entire setup could be as low as $200 or less.

Now let's take it a step further to help you narrow down the correct microphone for what you need. We've taken our personal experiences working in the industry and with clients for many years to point out three mics that we think you should avoid. That's not to say they won't work for you, but there are going to be better options for the price.

Yeti Blue Snowball - $59.99

Just don't. Walk away. Spend $20 more for a better mic.

Despite the good reviews, we've had a different experience with this microphone especially with other great options around the same price.

Rode NT-USB - $169

Only tried it with a client once. Not a great experience. Didn't sound great. Constantly disconnected. Too expensive for the quality you get.

Bluetooth Headsets

Avoid the little bluetooth or over-ear headsets. They might seem convenient, but their quality isn't great for long-form conversation. Now, if you're getting a true sportscasting type headset with a mixer, now we're talking.

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