• Ben George

What Podcasts We’re Listening To Around the Office – August 2019

We’re in the business of podcasting so naturally we consume quite a bit of audio day-to-day. Most of it comes from the shows we produce every week but we’re listening to much more than that.

We decided to start sharing some of those podcasts that we're listening in our free time. There are many great options available depending on what you're interested in and hopefully our list might spark a new roadtrip playlist.

You’ll find one for each person on the list with a short description of what they think about the show. If you think there’s something we’d love to listen to, send it to us!

John - The Bible Binge is good. They take Bible stories and retell them by casting present-day actors and celebrities to play the Bible characters. For instance, when Moses (who they say is portrayed by Brad Pitt) complains to God (voiced, of course, by Morgan Freeman) that he's not well-spoken enough to go talk to Pharaoh, God tells Moses to take his more well-spoken brother Aaron with him (Aaron is played by the mellifluous-voiced JK Simmons).

Walter Threads From The National Tapestry By Fred Kiger - Selfish pick here as we produce this particular podcast, but it's such an engaging history podcast and Fred Kiger helps the stories really come to life. He's a veteran and accomplished storyteller who brings a unique voice to the story of the Civil War and finds ways to connect those events and people to issues and attitudes that impact our current way of life. Check out episodes 4 and 5 on Stonewall Jackson or the most popular episode so far about Lee & Grant and pull up a chair in the room where they met to negotiate the end of the war.

Dan – One I was listening to recently is The Daily. It's a podcast published every weekday by The New York Times, usually focused on one major news event that's happened recently, and providing context for why it's happening. I found the hosts to be well-spoken and able to understandably break down complicated situations. I credit the podcast with helping me get a grasp on the saga that is Brexit. I stopped listening due to shorter commute times after a move, but I would recommend it to others.

Abbi - Bob Goff's Dream Big podcast. I love his funny and free spirit. He makes dreaming big about the future fun and exciting. His guests are fun, real, and full of great ideas and knowledge. It's like sitting with a new mentor for 30 minutes every week. 

Kelly - "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me" - I don't like watching the news because it's so overwhelming and often depressing, but I still want to stay informed. I listen to Wait Wait so that I still know what's going on, but receive the news with a comedic, fun twist so I can laugh instead of cry while keeping up with what's going on in the world. 

Ben – My wife and I recently took a long road trip back to Alabama and after 12 hours in the car, I was looking for something new. She loves crime podcasts and subsequently turned me on to them so 22 Hours: An American Nightmare caught my attention when I scrolled past it. This podcast tells the horrible story of the Washington D.C. family who was murdered in 2015 and their house set on fire. Mystery surrounded the case and the arrest, and this podcasts uses strong reporting to lay out the timeline and all the information surrounding the tragedy.

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