• Ben George

What Will a Podcast Cost You? Less Than You Might Think

You won't need a calculator this large to calculate the value of a podcast.

Creating a podcast can align with your marketing plan and help build brand awareness and credibility, but do the costs match up with your budget?

That’s a common question, and clients are usually surprised about the price point for getting your podcast launched and rolling.

We provide two standard packages, which can always be tweaked to meet specific needs. The most cost-effective package will start at $350 per month. We help you create a bi-weekly podcast from start to finish for that price.

Seriously, you’ll only have to worry about showing up to the recording session and sharing the knowledge you’ve built over your career. Of course you can be more involved than that, but we are ready to provide you with content ideas, a co-host if you prefer, editing, and publishing to your website and podcasting apps.

That option is great for client retention because you now have all this content that can be shared. It’ll already be on your website as people visit you, but what about adding a newsletter that you send to clients to keep them informed on news, important topics, and more. Or what if you have a potential client in the office that asked about IRAs and retirement income options? Now you’ll have episodes that talk about those specific topics that you can follow up with and provide them. There are so many uses for your podcast.

The next step up from there is a full, growth plan package. At $999/month, this includes all of the turn-key steps we mentioned before, but also comes with a custom website designed around your podcast. Plus, you’ll get a custom blog written to accompany each episode with timestamps that provide a ‘map’ of your show. Then we’ll turn that around and create multiple pieces of content that we’ll share on Facebook for you to help market your show. That can even include Facebook Ads to boost engagement depending on your budget.

There’s a lot to like about both options but the most important thing to consider is how much time you’ll be saving each month. With everything Third Wheel provides, you might spend as little as 45 minutes on two episodes each month. That extra time can be spent developing relationships with your clients or growing your business in other areas.

Most of all, though, this should be an enjoyable experience and a chance for you to connect with people in a new way. We want to make that as easy as possible for you and these two podcast packages will do just that.

Whenever you’re ready to dive into it, simply set up a free consultation and we’ll share more detail with you and help you get started.